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Immediate Results


The Sontro™ AI


The Sontro™ AI is a revolutionary breakthrough in hearing technology. CS Design partnered with Soundwave Hearing to not only create a new product but also redefine how people use hearing aids. The Sontro™ AI is coupled with an app which allows customers  to personalize their hearing aid profile. 

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Stay Put Systems


CS Design realized the innovative ideas of the customers by designing magnetic, silicon coaster system. This products makes being on the water more refreshing without any of the mess. The Stay Put Magnetic coasters recently won the Miami 2020 Innovation Award.


The Hygena


The Hygena is a scooper for your pets and has become a best seller product on Amazon. CS Design redesigned the unit to make a more sanitary experience for cleaning up after your pets.  Now, they can truly deliver on their promise for an all in one product.

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